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Contract and Policies


We do offer boarding at $5 a day if you bring there setup and supply all food and treats. $8 a day of I supply setup and you bring all food and treats. $10 a day if I supply setup and food and treats. 

Babies must be paid off by the time they are 6 weeks old no exceptions (cash, Facebook messenger, venmo or square). They will go home when they are at least 7-8 weeks old AND weighing 170g or more. So they my have to stay longer until they are at weight (170g) 

Deposits, payments, & reserving: 

I can NOT guarantee a baby by a certain date. ANY deposit placed on an animal from Fur and Quills is not refundable for ANY reason. Any money paid to Fur and Quills is considered a deposit and is not refundable if you no longer decide you want your animal, or if you can no longer pick up the animal for whatever reason.  This is why I HIGHLY recommend only paying our non-refundable deposit, and paying the remaining balance  upon pick up.

A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve  a hedgehog for you until their "ready date"  or to get onto our waiting list.  The deposit goes towards the total price of the hedgehog.  The deposit is  paid through a Square invoice, which you can pay with any debit/credit card. The invoice will be sent after we have talked and you have been approved.  There is also a $5.25 handling square fee (the $5.25 fee doesn't go towards the total).

A $107.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a tenrec for you until their "ready date" or to get onto our waiting list. $100 deposit goes towards the total price of the tenrec. The deposit is paid through a Square invoice, witch you can pay with any debit/credit card. The invoice will be sent after we have talked and you have been approved. There is a $7 Square handling fee (the $7 fee doesn't go towards the total). 

Once we have discussed reservation your chosen hedgehog/tenrec will be put ON HOLD for 24 hours or until the invoice we send you is paid. If you do not pay your invoice within 24 hours your invoice will be cancelled and you will need to contact us again if you want us to re-send the invoice. Babies get reserved quickly, so please make sure to pay your invoice ASAP or the baby becomes available again in 24 hours.

Once your invoice has been paid, your chosen hedgehog/tenrec will be me marked "Reserved" and their status will say reserved for "insert your name". If you buy our cage set up you will also see that noted underneath your hedgehog's price. So if you ordered anything from us and don't see it noted, please make sure to email us to make sure we received your order.


If you stop communicating with me at any give time. You forfeit any and all money paid. I understand things happen but If I don't hear from you in a timely matter (24 hours) you forfeit any and all money paid.

Visiting, updates, pictures:

We do not allow people to visit with babies until they are weaned from mom! We do not allow people to "come look at" babies unless we have multiple babies that are already weaned from mom and most of our babis are reserved before they are even weaned. But you can always double check with us!!!  But we can not hold a baby for you without a deposit so a baby you might want to come meet could get reserved by someone else before you have the chance to come meet him/her.  Our babies are usually reserved VIA deposits around 2-4 weeks old and picked up when they are ready normally between 7-8 weeks old and weight 170g or more. If you come pick up and decide that your chosen baby is not all you hoped it would be, you can absolutely decide to NOT take that baby home. If that happens, your deposit and all money paid will go towards a future baby and you can go back onto our waiting list for future litters. Or we might be able to show you other available babies if we happen to have any at the time. I have NEVER had this happen though. All my babies are super sweet and normally it is love at first sight when you come for your pick up appointment!


You are welcome to email us for updates on your baby at any time while you are waiting for him/her to be ready to go!!! But please do not ask for a million pictures. Hedgehogs/tenrec are not always super cooperative when we are trying to get their pictures. Sometimes it takes hours upon hours just to get the pictures you see on the website! We take the first pictures of babies normally between 2-3 weeks old and then list them on our website. We will then update the pictures on the website normally at 4-5 weeks old if we have time and then again at 6 weeks if we have any left. If you are wanting multiple updated pictures there is an $8 fee for 5 additional pictures which can be paid with a square invoice or sent through Venmo, Cash App or Facebook pay. We simply do not have time to sit around and take pictures all day for every customer. We have lives outside of the hedgehogs/tenrec too! Thanks for understanding!

Picking up: 

Before picking up your baby we now REQUIRE a photo of your heat set up and cage setup. This is because a constant temperature of 75-82 degrees is needed at all times, for your hedgehog. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to keep your baby warm.  You can text a picture of your heat set up and cage setup to 864-202-0494 or email it to us at Furandquills@aol.com. This is required after we schedule your pick up appointment.

Once your hedgehog/tenrec is weaned and has gained adequate weight. I will email you to schedule your pick up appointment. Hedgehogs have to be at least 6 weeks old AND weighing over 170 grams before they leave! Most hedgehogs are ready to leave at 7-8 weeks. Some may need more time.

Tenrecs must be at lest 6 weeks old and eating great on there own. 

Your hedgehog/tenrec MUST be picked up with in 3 days of us notify you. If not picked up within this time frame you will forfeit your deposit and all money paid and your hedgehog/tenrec will be made available again! If you need us to hold onto your hedgehog longer we will be happy to do so but the hedgehog/tenrec MUST be paid in full! And there is a boarding charge of $5 per night if we need to hold onto your hedgehog any longer than 1 week past the ready date.

When you come to pick up your new hedgehog/tenrec, a pick up appointment must be scheduled for A SET TIME. Your appointment will be scheduled for one hour. If you are going to be late, please call us. If you are going to be more than 20 minutes late, we will need to reschedule your appointment. NO exceptions! I often have other appointments on the same day!

Please bring something to take your new hedgehog/tenrec home in. A small animal carrier is perfect.

We will go over any questions you have during your pick up appointment and the best way to handle your new pet. We want to make sure you are comfortable handling your new pet before you leave!

There will be a contract and health guarantee to sign before leaving. This is done before I bring your hedgehog/tenrec out so no one is distracted while we go over the paperwork. Please read our contract & health guarantee before your appointment.

If you plan to buy your cage set up from me PLEASE order it 3 weeks before your pick up appointment. Cage sets are all made to order! And I need that time to make them and order items. 

If you are bringing multiple family members with you, our policy is no more than 3 family members on pick up day. We have a no young child (if they are under 8)  policy unless the pet is specifically going to be for them. I like to keep things calm and quiet on pick up day and would prefer not to stress your new hedgehog/tenrec too much before they go to their new home.  Please let me know if you must bring younger children with you, we sometimes can make exceptions.  Please remember though, this is my home and not a petting zoo. If you must bring younger children with you, please do not let your children run around my home and touch things they are not allowed to touch. Please do NOT let your children stick their hands or fingers into any animal cages in our home!  Pick up day does not need to be a whole family event. Remember that everyone can meet your new pet once he/she  is all settled in at home with you.

We do have other animals in our house, including dogs, cats, mice and chickens. So please let us know ahead of time if you have a severe allergy and we can meet you somewhere close by our house if needed.

Hedgehog Adoption Contract and Health Guarantee With:

Fur and Quills

Hedgehog Registration through the IHA: ____-FNQS

Hedgehogs Date of Birth: _________ Weight on this day ________ Grams

Hedgehogs Gender: Male / Female Age on this day ____ Yrs____ Wks ____ Days

Hedgehogs Parents: Mom: ______-______________

Dad: ___________________

Date of Adoption: _____________

Hedgehog Adoption Fee Paid: $____________

Delivery Fee Paid: $_____________

Adoptive Parent(s) Contact Information:

Mother:_________________________ Father: ________________________


Phone Number(s) _______________

Email Address(s): _______________

Fur and Quills (Breeder) and the Adoptive Parent(s) (Buyer) agree to the adoption of this hedgehog with the understanding that this hedgehog is to be accepted as a PET ONLY and WILL NOT be used for breeding purposes without prior written approval from the breeder. The buyer commits (him/her)self not to use the hedgehog for reproductive purposes, without exception. Failure to comply with this stipulation may subject the buyer to a prospective fine of $1,000. It is understood that the hedgehog is sold with a clause of Non-Reproductivity, however this clause may be waived in the case that the adopter can demonstrate to the breeder that they are conscientious of the well-being of

the hedgehog and any future offspring and that they have an ample knowledge of hedgehogs and will use the breeder as a mentor. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information on hedgehogs, we would be happy to answer any questions.

We will gladly re-accept any hedgehog at any time, without fees, as we want to make sure the hedgehog is well taken care of. If at any point you feel this adoption isn’t working for you or you no longer feel capable of caring for the hedgehog it must be returned back. There will be no questions asked and no money exchange. As health is important to us, this hedgehog has been treated for mites with revolution __________ and at the time of adoption are free of any known mites and or diseases. We suggest that you continue monthly treatments for mites as the welfare of the animal is our utmost priority. ________

Health Guarantee

Congenital defects:

This hedgehog is guaranteed to be free of congenital defects for the period of 6 months. Health problems are to be deemed “genetic” by a veterinarian with adequate hedgehog experience and cannot be related to lack of veterinary care, improper diet/nutrition, inadequate housing or environment, abuse, or accidents. Should any genetic diseases be diagnosed, that jeopardizes quality of life of this hedgehog, Breeder will offer a replacement hedgehog of equal value at no cost when one becomes available. ALL VET RECORDS MUST BE PROVIDED TO BREEDER. If this hedgehog dies from a congenital disease/defect, a necropsy report must be provided to breeder to receive a replacement animal. _________​​


Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome:

This hedgehog is guaranteed to never develop Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) within its lifespan. WHS is to be diagnosed by a veterinarian with adequate hedgehog experience and is to be deemed a definitive diagnosis through necropsy. Buyer assumes all financial responsibility of the necropsy and related expenses and shall be offered a replacement hedgehog of equal value at no cost if WHS is proven through necropsy. NECROPSY REPORT AND ALL VET RECORDS MUST BE PROVIDED TO BREEDER.__________

Cancers/ tumors:

Buyer understands that Breeder does not offer any warranty for any cancer or tumor related deaths/illnesses. Should this hedgehog develop or die of a cancer or tumor related illness, Buyer is to contact Breeder so that Breeder may use the information when evaluating breeding stock.________

72 hour buyer protection guarantee: Breeder assumes no financial responsibility for any veterinary costs associated with this hedgehog once this hedgehog has left the care of the Breeder and has been in the possesion of the new owner for 72 hours. The ONLY health issues that would be covered by the breeder are ones that are proven to come directly from being housed at the breeder's facility. The animal MUST be seen by a vet, and all vet records must be provided to breeder if any health issues arise within the first 72 hours. If the animal dies within the 72 hour period, a necropsy report must be provided to breeder to prove breeder was at fault for animal's death in order to receive a refund/replacement animal. Buyer assumes any costs associated with necropsy report. This is the only time a refund may be issued. ________

We, the Breeder and the Buyer, do hereby acknowledge this to be a binding contract. We agree to fully abide by its terms and conditions.

Signature of Adopter(s) ___________________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Signature of Breeder __________________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Fur and Quills

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(864) 202-0494


Jonnetta Resse (Owner)