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Fur and Quills

Hedgehogs cage setups and heat setup

Basic Bin cage set up kit - $175 plus tax

105 qt plastic tote cage

​(dimensions of cage: 32 1/2" L x 19 1/8" W x 13 3/4" H)

food bowl

water bottle

Small starter bag of food (2lbs)

Sample baggie of treat mix

Pan liner

fleece cage liner

fleece sleeping/cuddle sack

cuddle buddy

Four hedgehog safe toys

12 inch wheel

​Hedgehog bath kit - wash & a toothbrush is included for scrubbing quills

*Cage setups need to be bought 3 weeks in advance to picking up your hedgehog. If you plan to buy your cage set from us please contact us so we can invoice you.

Deluxe Setup  $150 plus tax

Cage liner (you pick size)

Corner house or Cube

Cuddle sack

Cuddle buddy


Water pad

Cuddle cup or Igloo cover

Bonding bag

Mega Setup $225 plus tax

2 liners (you pick size) 
Corner house or Cube
3 cuddle sacks/sleeping
Cuddle buddy
Water pad
Cuddle Cup or Igloo Cover
Wheel cover
Bonding pouch

Luxury setup $290 plus tax

2 liners (you pick size) 
Corner house 
3 cuddle sacks/sleeping
Cuddle buddy
Water pad
Cuddle Cup 
Igloo Cover
Wheel cover
Bonding pouch

Complete Heat set up $95 plus tax

Terrarium Heat & Habitat Lighting Controller for Reptiles, 1000-watt

Ceramic Reptile Heat Emitter, 150-watt

Clamp Lamp with Dimmer, 8.5-in

Digital Thermometer

Checklist for buying the correct heat set up!

My number one recommendation will always be a ceramic heat emitter heating set up! You always want your cage to be at 75-80  degrees Fahrenheit!!! NEVER below 72!

I do NOT recommend heating pads as they typically only heat one spot in the cage and do not heat the air. Hedgehogs need warm air, not just one warm spot in the cage.

What you need for a proper ceramic heat emitter set up. 

​1.  Heat lamp:  Like the type of heat lamps you see being used for reptiles. Dome style heat lamps are most commonly used, but any type of style is usually acceptable.

2.  Ceramic heat emitter bulb (100 watt or 150 watt if you have a BIG cage):   A type of light bulb that produces ONLY heat and NO light. These are used so it won't mess with the hedgehog's day/night cycle as they need constant heat, even at night! Red light bulbs are NOT recommended as the red light can cause vision loss and blindness if your hedgehog is exposed to red light for prolonged periods of time.

3.  Thermostat:  EXTREMELY important!!! The thermostat is what controls and regulates the temperature of the bulb. Without a thermostat your bulb will get too hot and have no way to regulate. Once the cage reaches the desired temperature that you set your thermostat to, it will automatically shut off. Once the cage starts to get too cool, it will turn back on and warm it up.

4.  Thermometer:  A thermometer is also very important! Always have one placed inside the cage. You can suction cup it, velcro it, or mount it however you want so that it stays put. The thermometer is what will tell you what the temperature is in the cage. 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit  is ideal.  I always recommend 80-84 degrees for babies. NEVER let it get below 72!

Jonnetta Resse (Owner)